What Chris Evans Will Miss About Playing Captain America

Before joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans already had some superhero experience under his belt playing The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies, but it’s safe to say that his time as Captain America has earned far more recognition. Debuting in 2011’s , Evans’ Steve Rogers quickly became one of the MCU’s most important heroes, but as the actor seemingly indicated recently, his time as the Star Spangled Avenger is winding down. While it hasn’t been officially announced yet when Evans is leaving the MCU, when that time comes, Evans won’t just miss breathing life into Captain America, but everything that came with playing the character. Evans said:

[I’ll miss] everything [about ]. I mean, it’s not just the character, it’s the people — the experience, such good movies, such wonderful memories. I’ll miss a lot.

When Chris Evans joined the MCU to play Captain America, he signed a six-movie contract. With his cameos in and not counting towards that contract, that would have left as his final movie, but Evans agreed to also participate in , which is not only the final Phase 3 installment, but also wrapping up numerous MCU plot threads that have been seeded throughout the franchise since it launched in 2008. That could be a fitting time for Evans to depart, as he recently noted that he didn’t want to outstay his welcome. However, whether will serve as Evans’ final Captain America appearance or he decides to stick around a little longer, as he told ET, he made a lot of great memories over the years while performing in the MCU. Even when the time comes to leave a role, if you enjoyed playing it, it’s never easy to make that transition.

Even if the clock is winding down on Chris Evans’ time in the MCU, we’re not done with Steve Rogers just yet. As you’ll recall at the end of , Steve abandoned the Captain America identity (which included ditching his vibranium shield) following his conflict with Iron Man, but he didn’t retire from the superhero life. In the period between and , Steve has been working with Black Widow on covert missions around the world. But soon they’ll reunite with their Avengers allies and other superheroes when Thanos and his minions come to Earth for the Infinity Stones. Assuming that will indeed be the last time we see Evans as Steve, it’s still unclear just how the character will make his exit. Will he die in a blaze of glory during battle, or will he get a happy ending and live out the rest of his years in peace? Whatever the answer is, as Evans made clear, leaving Cap behind will be difficult, but at least he made a lot of great memories over the near-decade he performed the character.

You can see Chris Evans back in action as Steve Rogers when opens in theaters on May 4, and he’ll be back (potentially for the last time) in on May 3, 2019. As for what else the MCU has in development, you can find that information in our Marvel movies guide.

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