One Funny Idea That Almost Lured Adam Devine Back To Pitch Perfect

The franchise helped launch several careers, including that of comedian Adam Devine. His role as Bumper became a quick fan favorite element of and , but the alum was notably absent from . That said, during a recent interview with CinemaBlend to talk about his new Netflix film, , Devine opened up and told us that there was a tempting pitch for an unmade movie that would’ve involved Bumper getting married to Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy. Devine explained:

I heard a funny pitch of it from Kay Cannon, the writer, who was like tossing around ideas. She was like ‘I think it could be funny if you and Rebel got married, and you had won .’ So I was on at the end of the credits sequence for the second movie, and she was like, ‘So you won. Now you’re a star. you and Rebel are getting married, and all of the girls are back together after not seeing each other for a while, and you’re out of college, and you kind of aren’t together for a while.’ And Rebel has to deal with me being an egomaniac, but she’s still in love with me, but usually, she was the egomaniac and the one who was the star in our relationship and have that turn on her as well. I thought that would’ve been a cool idea, but I’m fine doing my own thing, and I don’t necessarily need to go back, but I think that’d be fun.

That story obviously never happened, but Adam Devine makes it sounds like it would’ve been the type of tale to bring him back to the family. Unlike previous installments in the franchise, this movie would’ve allowed Bumper to get the upper hand in the relationship with Fat Amy, forcing her to cope with his newfound fame and fortune after winning . crossed with ? Sign us up.

If that story eventually goes on to provide the basis for (if such a sequel ever happens), then it will likely have to go through some changes to fit the existing universe. already touched on the idea of the Barden Bellas seeing each other for the first time since graduation, and the ending of the film seemingly implied their long-term plans to stick together as friends. Having said that, there’s arguably still plenty of fertile ground to explore Bumper and Fat Amy as fiancés.

Of course, it’s also worth highlighting the fact that Adam Devine seems content to work on his own material right now. He definitely noted that he would enjoy diving back into the well for a fun story, but the actor also pointed out that he’s currently doing his “own thing” for the moment. He has found a promising home at Netflix with projects like and his recent film , so he seems to have a good thing going for himself right now.

Only time will tell if Adam Devine will ever return to the franchise. Until that day comes, you can watch out for his latest film when debuts on Netflix on March 23. Moreover, you can also check out our Netflix premiere guide and our 2018 movie premiere guide to see what this year has in store!

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