5 Marvel TV Characters We’d Like To See In Avengers: Infinity War

Luke Cage

Since his introduction in the first season of , Mike Colter’s Luke Cage has been very popular. Although a street-level character, the hero of Harlem packs a serious punch. While he tends to eschew the superhero life, he can’t turn his back on those in need. When Thanos comes to town to lay siege to New York City, the civilians of the Big Apple will need someone to protect them. With everyone running for their lives it would be great to see even a quick shot of Luke Cage running towards the danger or using his body as a shield to protect the innocent from Thanos’ hordes. Luke Cage has been a member of various Avengers teams in the comics and it would be great to see him throw down with them on the big screen. His no nonsense attitude would make for some great interactions too. Given how he responded to Danny Rand and his chi-powered fist, I would love to see how he reacts to the Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange. With Marvel realizing the potential of diversity with , there’s no better time for Power Man to make his big screen debut.

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