12 Horror Movies That Give Horror Movies A Bad Name

Cabin Fever

The cabin in the woods trope has become a fan-favorite element of the horror genre over the years. Films like and the appropriately-titled have proven what directors can do with that simple premise. Then there’s a film like Eli Roth’s , which mostly squanders the classic premise in favor of a disgusting and incoherent narrative.

focuses on a group of college students on vacation in a remote forest lodge. However, their trip goes south when they find themselves exposed to a flesh-eating bacteria that slowly begins to eat away at their bodies. It’s a well-worn concept in the horror genre, but is so weird and tonally off-balance that it ultimately results in a stomach-churning romp that’s far more miss than hit when all is said and done. Nevertheless, the film has achieved a small cult following — even if Netflix users apparently have a hard time finishing it.

Poltergeist (2015)

It was bound to happen eventually. With all of the iconic horror movies that have been remade over the course of the last few years, someone was bound to take on Tobe Hooper’s beloved . Alas, the film debuted to a lukewarm response from critics when it hit theaters back in 2015, and while it made its budget back and turned a profit, it ultimately came and went with little fanfare.

At the end of the day, the 2015 take on will likely go down in history as one of the many horror remakes that merely never needed to exist in the first place. The film uses most of the same narrative tentpoles as the original film, and like so many other remakes of a similar ilk, it does not do much else beyond throwing a fresh coat of paint on an already great horror movie that has achieved classic status among horror fans.

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