NBA PlayGrounds 2 Gets A Last Minute Delay

Saber Interactive’s was supposed to be released on May 22nd, that’s tomorrow, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. However, the game hit a slight snag and now Saber Interactive have decided to push the release back after a last minute delay.

Over on the official Facebook page for , Saber Interactive announced that while the game is coming along well, the release date has been moved out of the May 22nd window and that the extra time is being used to make the game “better than ever”.

Unfortunately, the developers did not give a new date and reveal when gamers can expect to release. However, there is a note to help assuage the impatient by saying that some news and details on the new release date will be shared soon.

The game has been in development ever since the original game released last year for home consoles and PC. It came out in spring of 2017, but it had some issues when it released, with some network problems preventing it from living up to its full potential.

In fact, the Nintendo Switch version of the game had some serious problems and required a lot of overhauling before it worked as intended. Saber Interactive actually announced that Switch owners would receive a special treat for enduring the hiccups and hardships that came with the initial launch of . It was revealed that Switch owners would receive a free digital code for , which is an upcoming beat-’em-up game that’s due for release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on June 5th next month.

I imagine that Saber Interactive will likely want to avoid pushing back to the first week of June, otherwise, both of its titles will be releasing at the exact same time.

This means that either Saber Interactive will have to either delay both games, or replace with while gets pushed back into late June or into July. Otherwise there’s the risk of having both games release at the same time and cannibalizing one another, similar to what happened to when it was pushed out a week after and a week before in order to cannibalize the first-person shooter sales of , but it ended up getting buried between all the big releases.

For now, we can only wait for Saber Interactive to clarify exactly what the release schedule will be like for the highly anticipated arcade-sports title, which is designed to hearken back to the days of Acclaim’s . For gamers who missed out on the 16-bit era and arcade games that were oh-so-popular back during the 1990s, is a nice little alternative that brings the two-on-two, street court action to current day home consoles and PC.

You’ll be able to play as soon as Saber Interactive announces the new release date for the game.

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