Exclusive Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special DVD Clip Pokes Fun At Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan

Thanks, Negan! The exclusive clip above also brings up the almost unbelievable involvement of Daniel Radcliffe as Terminus’ sing-song leader Gareth. Radcliffe signed on for the special after vet Andrew J. West stated he wanted no part in the singing side of things. For my money, I think the special lucked out with that substitution. But will West take the title role if the Adult Swim series ever does a special? Probably not.

Fans can find when it hits retail and beyond on Tuesday, March 27. Outside of the special’s 22 minutes of Grimes-joshing, star-studded hilarity, the special will also include the feature “Behind-the-Scenes Making of ” and deleted scenes, as well as a commentary track from ‘s Matthew Senreich, Seth Green and Tom Sheppard, who are joined by ‘s Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman. And if you’re wanting to listen to those stellar songs without a TV, you can find the official soundtrack hitting stores on Friday, March 23. The release includes the tracks “Welcome to Terminus,” “Do the Negan,” “Someplace” and “Dale Dale the RV King.” (With Norman Reedus as Dale, interestingly.)

So remember to pick that DVD up on Tuesday, March 27, and keep an eye out for the release date for the second half of Season 9. Also remember to tune into every Sunday night on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. And when there’s nothing else to do, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows on the way.

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