The Flash’s Mystery Girl: 5 Big Theories That Could Explain Her Real Identity

With past villains like Zoom and Savitar, nearly created a cottage industry built on fan theories about who was under the masks. In Season 4, the CW drama has managed to craft equally engaging mysteries without relying on masks to hide identities, and in the case of the Mystery Girl (as she’s come to be known), we know exactly what she looks like. We just have next-to-nothing to go on besides that, however, from a name to a motivation to anything else.

Perhaps due to that lack of information, fans have been pretty active in theorizing about the potentially endless number of characters that Jessica Parker Kennedy may be portraying. Showrunner Todd Helbing recently claimed that none of the theories he’s read online have been correct, so here, we’re stepping outside the box to take on some theories that don’t automatically assume Mystery Girl is Barry and Iris’ direct offspring. First up, let’s consider someone’s offspring that we have actually laid eyes on before.

Sara Diggle

Obviously, I’m not going to pretend that Mystery Girl is, in reality, a toddler dressed up in an adult human costume that has the abilities to do all the adult human things that toddlers can’t. But that concept is arguably only as inconceivable as Barry Allen traveling to the past and creating an entirely separate timeline for himself and everyone he knows. The Flashpoint timeline definitely exists, though, and it’s the last known location of Sara Diggle, whose existence was replaced with that of John Diggle, Jr.

So what if the Flashpoint timeline remained unstable and got as horrible for everyone else as it was for Barry, leading to Sara’s parents John and Lyla getting killed for one reason or another, leaving Sara to grow up miserable, afraid and in need of revenge. The metahuman situation was quite different in the Flashpoint timeline, so it’s not exactly clear how Mystery Girl would have traveled back into another timeline’s past events, but where there is a speedster (Wally) and a Cisco (billionaire jerk or not), there is a way.

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