10 Avengers Team-Ups We Can’t Wait To See In Infinity War

Doctor Strange & Spider-Man

Two of the best heroes to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3 were Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. They’re two of the MCU’s funniest heroes, and both of them know how to throw out a solid quip in the middle of combat. Having said that, Doctor Strange seems to have taken his new role as The Sorcerer Supreme incredibly seriously in the time since his solo movie debuted, and the most recent trailer for seems to promise that Peter Parker will have some fun by pointing out the sheer absurdity of Stephen Strange’s superhero alter ego.

Star-Lord & Iron Man

When it comes to smartasses, no one can compete with Iron Man or Star-Lord. Having said that, they have never met each other before, which means will be the first time that either of these heroes has met someone with a similarly dry and sarcastic sense of humor. The most recent trailer for has already shown us that Peter Quill won’t take any of Tony Stark’s crap when they get to work formulating a plan to take Thanos down, so now it’s a matter of waiting to see if they can get over their rivalry when the battle kicks into high-gear.

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