American Idol Contestant’s Audition Interrupted By Dog Pooping On The Stage

Unfortunately for most involved, the contestant’s second and third attempts to get the song out were derailed even faster. Following that number two delivery, the dog then trotted around and started urinating almost immediately after the guitar strings were plucked again. The contestant proposed just belting the song out a capella, but not even the music-free version could be brought to life, and the audition ended with Idol crew members cleaning the stage. #LifeGoals

Incidentally, you know how when Showtime at the Apollo contestants aren’t doing well, they get booed and Sandman comes out to take them off the stage? It seems like American Idol could have a good gimmick on its hands by sending a dog (or bigger animal) out to start defecating all over the place during a botched audition.

American Idol‘s ABC revival only started up in March, but it has already delivered a handful of bizarrely memorable moments that haven’t necessarily worked in the show’s favor, and Katy Perry tends to factor into them. When Perry decided to join one contestant for a bit of choreography, the award-winning pop star took a spill and gave her fellow stage-mates a different kind of show. Then she uncomfortably gave one contestant his very first kiss on the lips, which incited a small backlash hinged on whether it counted as harassment or not. (According to the contestant, it did not.) So, I guess American Idol viewers are presumably lucky that it wasn’t Perry herself who copped a squat during an attempted audition.

Hopefully with some more savory acts coming up, American Idol airs on ABC on Sunday nights and Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET. While waiting for next week’s episodes, check out the reboot’s first wardrobe malfunction and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

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