How Zack Snyder May Have Teased Justice League 2 In Batman V Superman

Batman v superman crosses trinity

As noted by Josh Costella on Vero (a go-to source for Snyder-related DC information lately), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice features a clear shot of three crosses in the background of the scene in which Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) lay the body of Superman (Henry Cavill) down after the fight against Doomsday. Though it may seem like nothing more than an interesting shot, Zack Snyder actually commented on the picture and noted that “that’s a reference to Justice League 2,” i.e. he intended to use this as foreshadowing for something that would eventually happen in his second Justice League movie, “#untilitwasnt.” As fans already know, that’s not how things shook out, and we’re left wondering what would’ve happened if Snyder had completed his entire Justice League story.

On that note, we’re diving into this image and hashing out the possible story avenues that Zack Snyder may have wanted to explore. To kick things off, let’s begin with the potential deaths of the other fan-favorite DC heroes.

Batman v superman lois lane funeral amy adams

More Hero Deaths

The most straightforward explanation of these crosses also stands out as one of the most likely of the bunch. Crosses generally connote imagery of death, and the presence of three crosses in the background of that shot could possibly hint at more fatalities on the Justice League roster. The demise of Clark Kent in Batman v Superman served as a massive blow to Earth and its ability to defend itself, and the arrival of the armies of Apokolips would leave heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman outgunned. Remember, Batman v Superman actually features a scene in which The Flash (Ezra Miller) travels back in time in order to prevent a horrific future from taking place. It is entirely possible that Zack Snyder’s original vision for his Justice League story could’ve seen things go to a very dark place by allowing The Dark Knight and The Amazon to fall in battle before ultimate victory (and their resurrections) could be achieved by the end of Justice League 2.

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