TRL Hasn’t Been Cancelled, Is Actually Expanding


MTV brought back TRL last year with a fresh look and a lot of hosts, but the daily music talk show didn’t seem to be connecting with its new audience. The show’s live viewership has never been astounding, so it was no surprise when a leak revealed that MTV was planning to dump the series ahead of its return on April 9. MTV has now spoken out regarding the leak and said that information was misinterpreted and that the franchise will actually be expanding to three shows with three different time slots by the time summer rolls around.

Despite the leaked report, TRL will return to its usual timeslot on April 9. The program will shift to cater to a younger audience following its return, with the new target age the show is trying to reach being 12-24. The series will still have its rotating batch of hosts, musical performances, social media correspondents, and a near-constant presence on MTV according to network president Chris McCarthy who said the series has been “killing it,” for the channel. The flagship show will be joined by two shows in the summer, Total Request A.M. and the currently existing Total Request Late-Night, which will air in the periods of the day in which their names would imply.

MTV, who has been airing Total Request Late-Night two nights a week since February 19, will upgrade the series to airing four nights weekly. The program has performed in the 18-34 demo 188% better than the afternoon TRL, which is likely the reason for the increased presence of the show on the network. Additionally, Chris McCarthy said the series, which features host Nessa and serves as an after-show for other MTV shows in addition to the traditional TRL format, is a top three series in the 11 p.m. timeslot. THR reported other hosts are expected to rotate through the late-night program once its weekly schedule is upgraded sometime this summer.

Total Request A.M. sounds to be a program the fan of classic MTV will enjoy, as the keywords “pure music play,” and “commercial free,” pop out above anything else. The program will exist primarily as a countdown show composed of curated Spotify playlists, musical performances, and celebrity interviews. The morning version of the series will run an hour a day, and while the franchise has a bunch of personalities to choose from to lead up the new series, a host has not been decided at this time.

TRL is still planned to return to MTV April 9, with Total Request Late-Night and Total Request A.M. set to kick off sometime this summer. For more information on upcoming programming and other new shows, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. MTV fans who may have missed the trailer for the Jersey Shore reunion show Jersey Shore Family Reunion can watch the full trailer right here!

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