This Rotten Week: Predicting Midnight Sun, Pacific Rim Uprising, Paul, Apostle of Christ, Sherlock Gnomes and Unsane Reviews

Pacific Rim Uprising

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When giant sea monsters appear from the bottom of the ocean and start destroying the world’s major population centers, it’s unrealistic to think the human race could eradicate such a menace in one little feature film. This is the kind of thing that definitely needs some kind of sequel. So it goes with Pacific Rim Uprising, the follow up to Guillermo del Toro’s original, 2013’s Pacific Rim (71%). Now we get the crew of the Jaegers led by John Boyega, fresh off defending the Galaxy from the First Order, as he attacks menaces both intergalactic and domestic.

The original Pacific Rim fared fine enough with critics, but I can’t imagine the sequel outperforms it. Led by director Steven DeKnight whose work primarily has been in television, this latest has all the action-y hallmarks without (seemingly) any real stakes. I suspect it finishes much lower and critics are generally nonplussed. Plus, it all looks just a little too cartoonish for a big budget action film.


Rotten Watch Prediction


I like that Steven Soderbergh just couldn’t stay retired. It would have been a shame to lose one of the best directors of a generation just because he was getting bored. Dude announced he was done in 2013, but came back less than four years later with Logan Lucky (93%). Now he’s going more of the psychological thriller route with Unsane. It looks creepy and unrelenting all the way through.

Soderbergh’s gift, among others, is that he’s genre-less. He can make comedies (Magic Mike – 80%), action films (Haywire – 80%), ensemble masters (the Ocean’s films) or really just about anything between. Few directors are this versatile. And while it doesn’t look like Unsane will quite live up to his previous works, it is still doing fine with critics. It’s a psychological thriller that leaves the viewer wondering what is real and what is imagined when the main character checks herself into a mental institution. Critics are warm on it (74% through reviews) and it’s likely to stay fresh when all’s said and done.

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