The Walking Dead: 4 Questions We Have After Rick And Negan’s Latest Big Brawl

negan holding bat in guts the walking dead

What’ll Happen To Negan?

Of all the people with clear and present motives to put Negan in a shallow grave, Jadis has a comfortable spot near the top, since everyone she knew was savagely murdered by Negan’s minions. Of course, the mustachioed maniac only found out about that massacre from Rick not long before being scooped up by Jadis, so he can at least take comfort in pleading ignorance, regardless of whether or not he’s believed. Will that be enough to stop Jadis from killing him?

If this were a less fictional scenario, I’d have to think not, what with all the headaches and literal open head wounds that Negan has inspired. But if his survival is meant to drive the narrative forward, then that’s what we can expect to see. Far beyond the cranial gash that her gun hopefully left, Negan deserves some mighty painful reminders that his social skills and leadership methods are not in everyone else’s best wishes, no matter how highly he likes to speak of himself. So even if Negan survives his latest hiccup, here’s hoping Jadis gets artistically vicious during their time together.

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