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Deja Lyric Ross This Is Us NBC


Deja is the most obvious person Randall and Tess could be referencing in the flash-forward, and her actions in the Season 2 finale certainly support that. Deja’s smashing of the family car’s windshield at the episode’s end could be a hint that Randall and Beth’s presumably soon-to-be-adopted daughter doesn’t quite shake that angry streak brought on by her mother’s abandonment in the penultimate episode. Could This Is Us be hinting Deja is headed down a dark path in future Season 3 flash-forwards?

It’s certainly possible, and given that Toby’s mom referenced a depressive spell the character had years ago that played into Toby and Kate’s flash-forward, it wouldn’t be the only foreshadowing This Is Us did in the Season 2 finale. Still, fans of the series have seen enough of Deja to know she’s not typically the person she was in that episode, and while she might be angry there, that doesn’t mean she’ll still be angry over a decade down the road. That said, one can’t help but think back to Deja’s mother Shauna and her various troubles and wonder if Deja somehow found herself traveling down the same path as her despite Randall and Beth’s best intentions. Even then, could Deja ever do something so bad that even Randall wasn’t ready to face her after?

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