Jenna Jameson Is Leaving Twitter After Being Attacked For Porn Past And Jewish Faith

Jenna Jameson Fox News 5
Jenna Jameson Fox News 5

Jenna Jameson is taking an “indefinite break” from Twitter. The reason for the swift exit from her social media account is because she’s getting attacks from fellow Twitter users regarding her Jewish religion, as well as her past in adult entertainment. She finds it difficult to use the site when she’s constantly barraged by strangers criticizing her faith and her history in pornography, and she finds it “near impossible” to use Twitter without this happening.

As it was reported by USA Today, Jenna Jameson shared the news on Twitter through a series of tweets announcing that her time on the popular site would soon come to an end. In the since-deleted tweets, the actress wrote about why she chose to shut down her account on Wednesday, saying:

Alright I’m taking an indefinite break from Twitter. It’s near impossible to just have normal conversations without hundreds of people attacking me for the past I cannot change… I want to clarify why I’m leaving. My sobriety and faith are the most important things to me. I am being attacked for my faith. Being Jewish. I must protect my love for G-d above everything, my sobriety and strength stem from him and his grace.

Twitter has no shortage of users who wish to attack people and criticize them for their every whim. It can be a pretty toxic place, and there are several people who want to take other people down — even complete strangers — for their career choices and their religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, Jameson is dealing with those troubles on her personal social media account, but she decided she didn’t need to deal with those hassles any longer. The actress cut the site out of her life. Hopefully, that decision is bringing her some much-needed peace at the moment. Nobody needs extra toxicity in their day.

Since it’s an “indefinite hiatus,” it’s unclear if Jenna Jameson is leaving Twitter permanently, or if she wishes to return at a later date. The Twitter is currently completely gone; it’s deleted entirely. So it’s not a simple matter of taking a break from the page. It looks like she’s done with Twitter for the long haul.

Of course, there are plenty of celebrities who cut out Twitter or left the site for a long while, then decide to return and keep tweeting. But given the type of vitriol she was getting on a seemingly daily basis, it’s more than completely understandable if Jenna Jameson said goodbye forever to it.

Twitter isn’t for everyone, and it sounds like Jenna Jameson had enough of the site. So, with that, she said what she needed to say and made her exit. And it doesn’t look like she’s anxious to give Twitter another chance anytime soon. Hopefully, the days where she doesn’t have to deal with such daily hassles treat her a lot better. It can be tough to be a celebrity on Twitter, and unfortunately, Jameson often dealt with the ugly side of celebrity on there.

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