Chris Pratt Shares Sweet Post Announcing Engagement To Katherine Schwarzenegger

SCREENSHOT - Katherine Schwarzenegger, Chris Pratt - Chris Pratt's Instagram
SCREENSHOT - Katherine Schwarzenegger, Chris Pratt - Chris Pratt's Instagram

Although Chris Pratt shared the news in the Instagram post found above, it’s unclear when exactly Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt decided to become an item, but there are rumors that believe the relationship began around summer of 2018. The public figures likely knew that their relationship would be speculated on endlessly by the press and tabloid gossip circuits and they opted to keep their love a little more low-key than your typical celebrity relationship. But Pratt felt it was time to finally go public with the relationship in December last year, and now they are ready to embark on the road to marriage with this confirmation of their love. Congratulations!

It’s probably safe to assume that you know who Chris Pratt is at this point, but in case you are out-of-the-loop about Katherine Schwarzenegger, she is the author behind several books: 2010’s . She actually published these before graduating college, and later wrote 2014’s Additionally, she also wrote the children’s book , based on a survival dog she rescued, which came out in 2017. As her last name would suggest, she is also the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. Additionally, the 29-year-old author is also the grandniece of John F. Kennedy. So, she is a Kennedy too!

This engagement news, meanwhile, comes close to two years after Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation. The once-married couple has been shy to reveal too much about what caused the dissolution of their relationship, but it’s apparent they are both making an effort to stay in each other’s lives for their son, 6-year-old Jack Pratt. In the paper finalizing their divorce during the final months of 2018, they agreed to live no further than five miles apart from one another. They made this agreement until Jack is 12, at which point each parent decides what they want to do moving forward.

We’ll keep you updated as any wedding planning details come down the pipeline.

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