Justin Bieber’s Mom Posts Selfie With Daughter-In-Law Hailey Baldwin

the two women in the instagram post
the two women in the instagram post

Given how quickly Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were engaged and subsequently married, one might wonder how the Bieber family is responding to such quick celebrations of love. But if this photo gives us a proper indication, Justin Bieber’s mom is warming up nicely to her son’s newfound wife.

Pattie Mallette isn’t the only family member to warm up to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s marriage. Stephen Baldwin, Hailey Baldwin’s father, reportedly gave Bieber his blessing before the singer got down on one knee and proposed. William Baldwin, meanwhile, also expressed his love and approval for the newly-eloped celebrity couple, and originally expressed interested in doing a raffle to sell his plus-one ticket to the official wedding between Bieber and Baldwin and giving the money to charity. It’s safe to say that the Bieber family and the Baldwins are welcoming the new marriage.

Some might be wondering if the families involved might still be suffering some an acute case of whiplash, given the quick turnaround of the proposal and subsequent marriage, but it appears everything is sunny and pleasant for everyone — at least, as far as appearances can be believed. Justin Bieber’s mom wants everyone to know that she is getting along pretty fine with Hailey Baldwin, and hopefully, that will remain the case for the future.

Given the fact that the low-key wedding reportedly took place towards the tail-end of 2018, there’s a good possibility that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got to meet their partner’s respective families over the holidays, and they’ve (hopefully) gotten a nice reception from each side of the equation. Since Justin Bieber is often at the center of media speculation, it probably wasn’t a secret when everyone discovered the news. And now Baldwin and Bieber are seemingly making an effort to appeal to each other’s families and get to know them and maybe love them too. This photo suggests a promising start.

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