The LEGO Movie 2 Producer Has A Clever Reminder That Ready Player One Isn’t The Only Team Up Movie Coming To Theaters

In one week, hits theaters, and moviegoers will have the chance to visit the OASIS, a sprawling virtual world that is filled with characters, vehicles and other elements from 1980s and 90s pop culture. But isn’t the first movie to pull off a team-up/crossover of this scale. In recent memory, brought together brick versions of characters from movies, television, video games and even real life, and one of the producers, Chris Miller, is making sure we remember that the sequel is a little under a year away from release.

It’s been four years since was released, and while last year brought the spinoffs and , many have been waiting for a direct follow-up to the animated Warner Bros movie that was met with critical acclaim and collected $470 million worldwide. Fortunately, as Chris Miller noted on Twitter, is finally arriving on the silver screen next February. certainly looks like it’s a fun mashup of properties many of us grew up with, but it also comes stamped with a PG-13 rating. Like its predecessor, will offer plenty of crossover fun, but it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Although most of ‘s starring characters were original characters, like Chris Pratt’s Emmet, Elizabeth Banks’ Wyldstyle, Will Ferrell’s Lord Business and Morgan Freeman’s Vitruvius, along with Will Arnett’s Batman being part of the main cast, there were also numerous cameos from fictional and non-fictional characters, including some of the Caped Crusader’s Justice League teammates, a scattering of people, Gandalf, Milhouse from , Abraham Lincoln and the 2002 NBA All-Stars, to name a few. While some (if not all) of these folks will pop their heads in for , ideally there will also be a solid selection of fresh faces to help the sequel stand out.

No specific plot details for have been released yet, but the movie will tackle the similarities and differences between how boys play with toys versus how girls play with toys. This time around, Chris Miller didn’t direct the sequel with his partner Phil Lord, but they were brought in to re-write the script. Originally Rob Schrab from was supposed to direct , but after departing due to creative differences, ‘ Mike Mitchell was tapped as his replacement.

will be released in theaters on February 8, 2019. To learn what movies are hitting theaters a little sooner, check out our 2018 release schedule.

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