Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer Goes Big On New Characters, New Locations And Action

Three of ‘s newest survivors will be played by ‘s Garret Dillahunt, ‘s Jenna Elfman, and ‘s Maggie Grace. All three deliver some interesting moments within the trailer, too, and they’re all painted in pretty vague shades here as far as how virtuous they all are. As far as we could see, Elfman’s character gets pretty chummy with Alicia, and the fact that they stumble upon a long-forgotten water park gets me giddy about what disgusting sequences will go down there. Dillahunt’s good ol’ boy gets to show off his marksmanship skills, and Grace gets one of the best moments in the trailer from behind the wheel of a massive gun-equipped truck, which also gets a few seconds to shine.

The Season 4 trailer was unveiled at the end of the latest episode, but AMC went hard on promoting Morgan’s arrival during commercial breaks for that show and that of ‘s season premiere. And I’d wager that a large number of fans watched the trailer to see Lennie Jones’ Morgan being enveloped into ‘s story. We got to see quite a bit of him, both in the midst of his journey (where he apparently gets a leg injury) and mixing it up with the other characters. Things don’t seem to be immediately kosher between him and everyone else, but it doesn’t look too serious, since the trailer ends on that hilarious moment of Nick getting bamboozled by Morgan’s staff-wielding talents. Frank Dillane nailed that fall, too.

And maybe i”m just reading into things, but it also looked like the trailer paid homage to the flagship series in another quick moment involving walkers trying to come out from behind chained doors. It’s not exactly the same as the “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” imagery, but given Morgan’s arrival, it feels legit enough.

AMC also released a new piece of key art for the season that looks similar enough to those of seasons past. It’s definitely worth noting that Morgan, Lucy and John are the three most prominently featured characters behind Madison, too. How important will their roles be throughout Season 4?

Since Season 3 of was as engaging and well-plotted as proper, this trailer only gets us more enthused about what’s coming next. Season 4 will kick off on AMC on Sunday, April 15, at roughly 10:00 p.m. ET, right after ‘s Season 8 finale. (And don’t forget that the doubled-up event will be shown in theaters that evening as well.) While waiting for it, jump over to our midseason premiere schedule to see everything else that’ll be hitting primetime soon.

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