7 Questions We Still Have About Deadpool 2

Who Is The Pyrokinetic Kid?

Until now, Julian Dennison was best known for playing Ricky Baker (who has a reputation of being a bad egg) in , but will introduce him to a lot of American moviegoers. We saw a couple of quick shots of Dennison’s character in the first two previews, and in the full-length trailer, not only was it seemingly confirmed he’s pyrokinetic (he can manipulate fire), but he’s also being targeted by Cable. However, this kid has yet to be officially identified, and fan speculation about who he is has ranged from Pyro (who was notably played by Aaron Stanford in the original X-Men movies) to Neal Shaara (one of several to go by Thunderbird) to Kid Apocalypse. Whoever the kid is, the other question that needs to be answered is why Cable is after him. I suspect Cable believes that by killing this mutant, the horrific future he grew up in won’t come to pass, but if that’s the case, what did the boy do that led to the future becoming so depressing?

What Has Happened In Cable’s Future?

Just like in the comics, Cable hails from the future, and boasting impressive mutant abilities and technological upgrades, he’s come to the present on a mission to kill Julian Dennison’s character. As seen in the preview where the VFX on Cable’s metal arm wasn’t completed, Cable’s time period doesn’t exactly look like it’s a fun place, somewhat echoing the future seen in . In this future, however, there is a group called the DMC, and Cable has to deliver a beating to some of its soldiers. There isn’t a DMC in Marvel Comics, so if I had to guess, I’d say that this yet another group that is responsible for keeping mutants contained or controlled. Still, what specifically led to the DMC’s creation, and did that happen before or after Earth entered its post-apocalyptic phase. The specifics of Cable’s past will be explored in future movies, but at the very least, let’s hope provides enough information as to what went down in his time period.

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