Wait, Is Antonio Banderas In The New Mutants?

We’re still reeling from the delay of Josh Boone’s , but it sounds like the change in release date isn’t the only new story related to the horror-themed spinoff. It now looks like a major, previously unknown cast member may have joined the ensemble. In fact, new rumors seem to suggest that star Antonio Banderas may have a role in the film.

Per a rumor floated by The Tracking Board, it sounds like this is one of many changes that has taken place in as the film has evolved. The report suggests that Antonio Banderas has a small role in the movie as a villain, but the exact villain that he would portray has not been established yet. If true, it sounds like he will appear in a post-credits tag.

What makes the potential inclusion of Antonio Banderas in so interesting is the fact that he’s not the only high-profile actor whose name has surfaced among the cast list in recent days. Specifically, there were reports that star Jon Hamm would appear in the film as Mister Sinister during a post-credits stinger, but those plans were eventually scrapped.

Of course, as has been the case with in recent weeks, we need to take this rumor with a grain of salt. The film has evolved quite a bit as its release date has been pushed, and substantial reshoots have been ordered, so we still don’t exactly know what to expect from the film just yet. Having said that, the possible presence of Antonio Banderas within the film’s decidedly younger cast offers up an intriguing change and some room for interesting story ideas.

is reportedly the first in a planned trilogy of spinoffs by director Josh Boone. Focusing more heavily on the younger characters from the lore (and keeping them out of their iconic costumes for now), will follow our young heroes as they learn to cope and handle their powers while also being haunted by a mysterious presence in a mental hospital. We still don’t know what ‘ behind-the-scenes issues could mean for the future of the sub-franchise, but it’s certainly evident that the first film doesn’t have a shortage of talent in front of the camera.

is now set to hit theaters on August 2, 2019. As for 2018’s movies, will debut on the big screen on May 18. As for Antonio Banderas, let us know what character you think he may play in in the comments, below!

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