7 Characters We Hope Cameo In Deadpool 2

Hugh Jackman

I’m bending the self-imposed rules on this one, because while I know many would love to see a Wolverine cameo in , that’s not really what I’m personally interested in. Hugh Jackman has retired the role, and was a wonderful send-off for the character. Any kind of future appearance would only serve to undercut its power, so he should really stay gone. That said, Jackman has never said anything about not appearing as in a future X-Men franchise movie, and that could be the perfect avenue to take in the sequel.

The most recent trailer for suggests that the titular anti-hero will be doing a bit of recruiting to assemble his X-Force lineup — and that sequence would be a fantastic opportunity to involve Hugh Jackman for a quick moment (perhaps with DP begging him that he join the team, and Jackman refusing). It’s a silly idea to be sure, but it would also totally fit the tone, and would be a great treat for fans.


Dafne Keen made an impression like few first-time actors do starring as young Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23 in James Mangold’s . Being the cloned daughter of Wolverine, the character required a serious amount of ferocity, and Keen was truly remarkable in that respect — and while she didn’t exactly have a ton of dialogue, she still delivered one of the most emotional performances in the movie. We hope to see a lot more from her very soon, and would be a great place to start.

The key to this cameo could potentially be tied up in the introduction of Josh Brolin’s Cable to the X-Men universe. The rugged hero is a time traveler who famously originates from a horrific version of the future, and one has to wonder if it’s possible X-23 could be from the same timeline — possibly even being Cable’s ward following the death of Wolverine. To take the idea even further, it’s possible that she is the reason that Cable has a teddy bear strapped to his belt, serving as a memento of what he’s fighting for.

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