Justice League Apparently Had A Batman 66 Easter Egg

It’s an incredibly quick moment, but easy to understand once the average Bat-fan actually finds it. That shot is of the phone used by Bruce Wayne’s informant at Iron Heights prison when Barry Allen goes to visit his wrongfully-incarcerated father. The correctional officer presses a button on his phone to signal Batman, and the phone on the screen turns red as it dials The Caped Crusader. Though we cannot officially confirm that it is a nod to , the general understanding of the Reddit user who posted the image seems to be that it’s a nod to the same red phone used by Adam West’s Batman back during the character’s campy days on the small screen.

As fans of the old series will recall, the red phone became a constant fixture during Adam West’s tenure. It was used as a direct line between Batman and Commissioner Gordon — although, as you can see from the clip below, Alfred Pennyworth also used the device at times when Bruce Wayne was not around to answer the call.

This red phone Easter egg represents one of many deep cuts to the DC world that the folks at Warner Bros. managed to pack into ‘s lean two-hour runtime. Beyond the telephone, the movie also featured nods to the Legion of Doom, The Atom, Black Mask, and many more. Now that has finally debuted its home release, it seems likely that fans will soon start to find even more Easter eggs that they may not have noticed during the film’s theatrical run.

is now available on Digital HD and Blu-ray, so if you want to see this scene up close for yourself, then make sure to pick up your copy today to check it out. As for 2018’s foray into the ever-expanding DCEU world, watch out for the next major DC outing when James Wan’s premieres in theaters on December 21.

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