The Flash Star Violett Beane Gets Naked For PETA

As a passionate vegan, Violett Beane says she believes all animals should be treated equally, and that this new campaign, titled “All Animals Have the Same Parts,” will promote PETA’s ongoing efforts. Of course, Beane is not the first celebrity to show skin for the animal rights organization. Over the years, fellow actresses like Olivia Munn and Gillian Anderson, to name only a couple, have taken off their clothes or done other over-the-top ad campaigns to bring attention to the animal activist organization. However, Beane makes it evident that she is inspired by the work done by PETA, telling the organization:

Whether it be your family dog or cat or a chicken or a pig or human beings, we all have the exact same parts. We all deserve the same amount of respect.

With this newest effort, she’ll continue to spread the word about the dangers that come with our mistreatment of animals of all varieties. As Violett Beane explained, the “heaviness of meat” can weigh you down, physically as well as mentally. The actress also claims the amount of resources used to produce animals, such as water and electricity, is greater than it is for crops. She also believes humans are the only species that consumes another animal’s milk. Beane believes if we stop drinking our own when we’re young, why should we continue to take the milk of others? As an outspoken vegan, Beane believes that campaigns such as this one will continue to spark ongoing conversations about our treatment and consumption of animals. She isn’t getting bare for any old reason. It’s for a very specific purpose.

Violett Beane is best known for playing Jesse Wells, a.k.a. Jesse Quick, on . The young actress joined the cast shortly after the first season. She is also soon set to be seen in Fox’s newest drama, , which premieres tonight. She’ll play Lily Kendall. Beane was also recently appeared in Blumhouse’s newest horror film , which came out in theaters a couple weeks ago. Meanwhile, she also filmed a role in the upcoming pilot a comedy where an atheist is friended by God on Facebook. Beane is also known for supporting roles in HBO’s acclaimed and the excellent docu-drama . Beyond her acting roles, however, it’s clear she’ll keep up the fight for animals right — both with and without clothes.

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