Looks Like Thor’s Scar Is On The Wrong Side Of His Face In Infinity War Poster

So yeah, that seems to be a clear oversight and just adds another wound to poor Thor who may soon find himself an only child. In , the vicious Hela took Thor’s right eye, which is where the eyepatch correctly is on this poster. But the scar that came from that wound is now over his left, undamaged eye. While the scar over a working eye look is very cool, very John Locke-esque, it is not correct. You can see on the screenshot below from the trailer that Thor’s left cheek is scar free.

I imagine that this happened because the artist was playing with placement and moving things around and just missed this little detail. That kind of thing can happen with these Photoshop-y posters. There were probably multiple people who double-checked this thing and simply became snowblind and didn’t see it. And with so many characters on this poster to get right, this error fell through the cracks. It’s not even the biggest mistake though; the creative team forgot to put Hawkeye in entirely! That said, this poster is still very cool and colorful and reminds us just how many different characters will be suiting up for the fight in this movie.

Although far from ideal, a mistake on a poster isn’t a major issue and is easily remedied. If Thor had the scar and eyepatch over the wrong eye in the film, well, that would be very bad. Fortunately, Thor has already been seen plenty in the trailers for and all seems to be in order. Whether Thor makes it out of the film alive and without some new wounds is another matter entirely. Judging by the trailers, he is not in for a good time. According to co-director Joe Russo, the God of Thunder will have some of the most screen time in the film and we think he is also one of the characters most likely to die.

You’ll want both eyes open to experience the awesomeness when hits theaters on April 27th. For all the latest in poster analysis and the proper placement of badass scars, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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