The Walking Dead: All The Deadly Ramifications From The Big Hilltop Battle

Maggie’s Quest For Revenge May Be Faltering

While we’re not sure what’s happening with Negan under Jadis’ watchful eye, his survival remains a thorn in Maggie’s entire being. Her entire purpose in putting together the Hilltop’s defensive ambush was to bring Negan’s reign and life to an end, and Maggie revealed several times just how much fire has been burning within her over Glenn’s brutal murder, despite her sometimes subdued demeanor. But after reflecting on how many others are dying to quench her thirst for Negan’s death — combined with Savior Alden’s assumed rehabilitation, and everyone’s insistence that she’s a great leader — Maggie may just come around to Carl’s way of viewing the future, even if hers isn’t so rose-tinted. We just hope Lauren Cohan is around to keep the story going, whether Maggie spares Negan’s life or not.

Negan’s Deadly Plan Is A Proven Success

When Negan introduced his plan to slap walker goop on whatever the Saviors would be aiming at Rick’s crew (a strategy first seen in the comics), it made us think back to that last moment from the midseason premiere, even though it wasn’t clear if Negan’s idea would actually work or not. But the tactic worked extremely well in this episode — almost too well, really — and it could easily change the nature of how weapons are used within . After all, it wasn’t bullets that the Saviors first started firing into the Hilltop, but arrows, which could lessen the need for firearm ammunition. And just think of how it could be utilized both large scale, through explosives, and small scale, through needles in pay phone change slots. Scratch that last one.

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